Transactions We Review

Your ordinary consumer transactions bombard you with an overwhelming amount of paperwork, contracts and documents after the deal is done. Have you ever wondered whether the legalease your bank, retail store, mortgage lender, service provider, debt collector or other businesses provides you with is legal? And do you ever really understand what it means, or even have the time or patience to review the mountain of paper you receive daily?

If you did, you might just find your everyday consumer financial rights are being violated, and that you might be entitled to between $100 and $5000, or more, plus your attorney fees and court costs, in the event litigation is required.

Well, worry and wonder no more thanks to the LawCent® program, an innovative legal service that helps protect you from being taken advantage of by businesses and institutions you choose to transact with. With your FREE enrollment, experienced consumer attorneys  review and audit your financial transactions for compliance with consumer financial protection laws and work to protect your basic consumer financial rights during these transactions.

For FREE, you can have a team of attorneys reviewing everyday regulated transactions falling under consumer protection laws, including:

* Automatic Bill Pay
* ATM Transactions
* Payment by Phone
* Online payments
* Crediting of Refunds
* Car Purchases
* Unwanted Junk Faxes
* Payday Loans
* Credit Applications
* Billing Disputes
* Debt Collector Calls and Letters
* Gym Memberships
* Private Student Loans
* Insurance Contracts
* Telemarketing Calls
* Furniture & TV Rental
* Line of Credit
* Credit Repair Contracts
* Mortgage Loan
* Overdraft Fees
* Warranties and Service Contracts
* Gift Cards
* And more

If you have had any concerns, problems or complaints regarding your rights during the above transactions, LawCent® might be for you. Learn more.