Can LawCent® Help You?

LawCent® Attorneys are “on call” 24/7, looking for possible violations of your rights under financial consumer protection laws, including labor and employment laws. The program was created to provide consumers from all walks of life with the opportunity to have experienced lawyers to review your consumer financial transactions and documents and advise of any violations or wrongdoing by businesses you deal with, as if they were on retainer.

How Can LawCent®Help You?

By utilizing a core of ten federal consumer protection laws, as well as State Unfair and Deceptive Practices Acts and other little known but often violated state consumer protection laws, codes and regulations, experienced consumer attorneys can make sure no big businesses are taking advantage of your debt, credit, banking and other consumer rights, including those that flow to and from your employment.

Lawcent Questions

Do Any of These Describe You?

1.  You’ve tried to stay ahead of your finances but you have been behind on at least one bill within the past 2 years.

2.  You care about your credit rating/credit score.

3.  You’ve spent hard earned money on a personal vehicle, recreational vehicle, computer or other consumer products.

4.  You value your privacy and cell phone minutes.

5.  You’ve applied for a car loan, payday loan or other loan.

6.  You take advantage of the convenience of making electronic payments.

7.  You sometimes find yourself questioning/disputing charges on monthly bills like credit cards, cable bills, etc.

8.  You have written a letter to credit reporting bureau, credit card company, debt collector or other business complaining about or disputing something within the past two years.

9.  You don’t want to or cannot settle your debts and:

  •  just want debt collection letters and calls to stop before you commit to bankruptcy;
  •  want to prolong or avoid bankruptcy;
  •  are being bothered about “zombie debts” or debts you otherwise don’t understand or dispute;

1o.  You are too busy, or even just too intimidated, to fight credit billers on your own.

11.  You have taken out a consumer loan or loans within the past year or plan to in the future.

12. You are on social security, disability, unemployment or other forms of government assistance or other fixed income.

13. You’ve been denied employment or advancement based on your credit report.

14. You’ve been denied overtime or been discriminated against at your place of employment.